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Then he does not live like any other Christian land-man; but keeps garrison in his house, as if he were inside the midst of his enemies, and makes his servants turn out inside the night, watch and watch as he calls it, each of the year round. His habitation is defended by a ditch, over which he has laid a draw-bridge, and planted his court-yard with patereroes continually loaded with shot, below the course of a single Mr. Hatchway, who had a single of his legs shot away even though he acted as lieutenant on board the commodore's ship; and now, becoming on half-pay, lives with him as his companion. The lieutenant is often a especially brave man, a fantastic joker, and, because the saying is, hath got the length of his commander's foot although he has one other favourite inside the house termed Tom Pipes, that was his boatswain's mate, and now keeps the servants in order. Tom is often a man of handful of words, but an excellent hand at a song concerning the boatswain's whistle, hustle-cap, and chuck-farthing there will not be such one other pipe inside the county so that the commodore lives especially happy in his personal manner; although he be in some cases thrown into perilous passions and quandaries, by the application of his poor kinsmen, whom he can't abide, considering that as how some of them were the initial occasion of his going to sea. Then he sweats with agony at the sight of an attorney, just, for each of the globe, as some folks have an antipathy to a cat: for it seems he was as soon as at law, for striking a single of his officers, and cast in a swinging sum. He is, moreover, exceedingly afflicted with goblins that disturb his rest, and keep such a racket in his house, that you simply would feel (God bless us!) each of the devils in hell had broke loose upon him. It was no longer ago than final year about this time, that he was tormented the livelong night by the mischievous spirits that got into his chamber, and played a thousand pranks about his hammock, for there will not be a single bed within his walls. Effectively, sir, he rang his bell, termed up all his servants, got lights, and produced a thorough search; but the devil a goblin was to be located. He had no sooner turned in once again, as well as the rest on the loved ones gone to sleep, than the foul fiends began their game anew. The commodore got up inside the dark, drew his cutlass, and attacked them each so manfully, that in five minutes almost everything inside the apartment went to pieces, The lieutenant, hearing the noise, came to his assistance. Tom Pipes, becoming told what was the matter, lighted his match, and going down for the yard, fired each of the patereroes as signals of distress. Effectively, to be sure the whole parish was in a pucker: some believed the French had landed; other individuals imagined the commodore's house was beset by thieves; for my personal aspect, I termed up two dragoons which might be quartered upon me, and they swore, with deadly oaths, it was a gang of smugglers engaged using a party of their regiment that lies inside the next village; and mounting their horses like lusty fellows, rode up into the nation as speedy as their beasts could carry them. Ah, master! These are difficult instances, when an industrious physique cannot earn his bread without fear on the gallows. Your worship's father (God rest his soul!) was a good gentleman, and at the same time respected in this parish as e'er a he that walks upon neat's leather; and if your honour must want a little parcel of fine tea, or maybe a handful of ankers of proper Nantes, I'll be bound you shall be furnished to your heart's content. But, as I was saying, the hubbub continued till morning, when the parson becoming sent for, conjured the spirits into the Red Sea; as well as the house has been pretty quiet ever since. Accurate it can be, Mr. Hatchway makes a mock on the whole affair; and told his commander, in this especially blessed spot, that the two goblins were no other than a few jackdaws which had fallen down the chimney, and produced a flapping with their wings up and down the apartment. But the commodore, who is especially choleric, and does not prefer to be jeered, fell into a main high passion, and stormed like a perfect hurricane, swearing that he knew a devil from a jackdaw at the same time as e'er a man inside the 3 kingdoms. He owned, indeed, that the birds were located, but denied that they were the occasion on the uproar. For my personal aspect, master, I believe considerably will probably be said on each sides on the question; although to be sure, the devil is normally going about, because the saying is.'

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