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Razi's passion is to help individuals, teams, and corporations discover their Junoon. Through his speaking engagements and workshops, Razi teaches how to identify this force, develop it, and achieve impossible goals through the state of Junoon. 

For inquiries about speaking engagements, please contact Razi Imam at razii@drivennation.com.

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Razi frequently helps individuals, companies, organizations, and associations in these areas:

  • Inspire Junoon in Individuals - Educating individuals in the concept of Junoon to achieve phenomenal goals, to discover, innovate, and invent, and to change the world into a better place for all to live.
  • Inspire Junoon in Corporations - Educating corporations that want to deliver breakthrough products and services, to empower and motivate their employees, and to change an industry through the concept of Junoon.
  • Inspire Junoon in World Citizens - To bring about global changes to eradicate hunger, illiteracy, violence, and oppression.

Razi Imam is an accomplished, award winning innovator, entrepreneur, and author. He has experience and knowledge of successfully innovating products and services, launching them in competitive markets, and building world-class high-performance teams. He has recently founded 113 Industries that drives the successful commercialization and adoption of discoveries coming out of research universities, federal labs, and research driven enterprises by mid market and Fortune 500 companies looking to introduce new products. In recognition of his entrepreneurial success, Carnegie Science Foundation has presented Razi with their prestigious award honoring innovation in Science and Technology.

He is also the founder of Landslide Technologies, a sales process software company recognized as the top 100 private companies by AlwaysOn. Landslide has received wide acclaim from customers, analysts as an innovator in the SaaS industry. Based on his innovative strategies Landslide has been named ‘visionary’ three years in row by the leading analyst firm – The Gartner Group. 

Imam’s career spans working in Fortune 500 companies to being part of three successful startups. He has successfully launched and re-launched companies by defining their product and market strategies, repositioning them in the face of economic downturn, defining new product categories, and establishing them as the leader in their space.

Razi lives in Pittsburgh with his wife, and two daughters.



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